‘2 Dope Queens’ stars bare all to Angela Rye during exclusive brunch at Sundance

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams revealed why they won't be back for a third season.

2 dope queens

2 Dope Queens stars, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams sat down with Angela Rye to dish details about the upcoming season of their hit HBO show during an intimate brunch event at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday.

The ladies served up several hilarious moments during the exclusive event and discussed everything from hair-braiding to politics with host, Angela Rye.

Are you ready for ‘2 Dope Queens’ to take over your TV?

“There are numerous ways to be Black and we just have to be our authentic selves…,” said Williams. “The only Blackness I can speak to thoroughly is mine and I am a Black woman, period.”

Still, she fessed up to a few attributed that might get her Black card revoked.

“The braiding is bad. When we landed I saw three Mormon men and I thought, ‘They’re attractive. That’s fine,’” she joked.

“I can’t freestyle but I can beat box kind of,” said Robinson before she and Williams proceeded to deliver a pretty dope experience with an impromptu rap about Angela Rye on the spot. (You can see it on our Instagram if you’re interested.) 

 Jessica Williams says Trump is bad example for the country

With Kamala Harris announcing her candidacy for POTUS in Oakland on Sunday, the conversation took a natural turn to politics. Robinson explained that her own brother, Phil, has stepped up in their hometown of Cleveland where he recently ran for office and won, flipping the spot from red to blue for the first time in decades. 

“One thing I think was really important about his campaign is that he was running against someone super established and in the position for a long time and he never did one negative ad campaign. He never said one bad thing about his opponent.”

She went on to explain her frustration with the current trend of mud-slinging in the political arena.  

“A lot of this back and forth, high school pettiness is too much. I don’t care about that. I want you to tell me what you’re actually going to do and why I should vote for you. There’s not enough substance in my opinion,” she said. “I think fighting and name-calling is ignorant and it’s not what grown ass adults should be doing.” 

Robinson also weighed in on how the public’s habit of holding candidates to impossible standards may be the party’s downfall. 

“As much as liberals really mean well and really want to hold people accountable, I think there’s a quickness to be like, ‘If you’re not perfect, you’re cancelled.’ Every time there’s a credible candidate out there, we find one thing wrong and they’re garbage. We’re not gonna have anybody and no one can be President.”

The ladies gushed about the time they spent with our Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama when she appeared on their podcast. 

“I really am so inspired by her story because she is really a woman who could only exist in this time. She really took advantage of that and didn’t let detractors and haters get in her way,” said Robinson. “She really cares about everyone else who doesn’t have the privileges and luxuries that she has. She wants to make their lives better and I’m really moved by that.” 

Lastly, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson explained why their hit HBO series, 2 Dope Queens, won’t be returning for a third season.

“We are booked and busy. Honestly, hen we started 2 Dope Queens we really just wanted to have fun and do a really cool show and I don’t think we were expecting it to explode our careers in a way we couldn’t predict and that’s really what happened,” said Robinson. “I think we have a champagne problem where we are working a lot and we’re able to be in movies and TV shows and get these writing jobs and we don’t want to phone it in. If we can’t give 110% and give the best show possible…then I don’t want to put out a shitty project because you guys don’t deserve that.”