Black church gifts Howard University with $100,000 to help seniors pay off tuition and fees

Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va., one of the oldest African-American churches in the nation, has always supported HBCUs.

Howard University

Alfred Street Baptist Church, one of the oldest African-American congregations in the nation, on Sunday announced a $100,000 donation to Howard University, according to a press release.

The Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, pastor of the historic church in Alexandria, Va., said the money would help cover remaining tuition and fees for graduating seniors. He made the announcement during a special service at Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel in Washington, D.C.

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“The gift of $100,000 from Alfred Street Baptist Church to help our students pay off their financial obligations and make ends meet just before they graduate is truly a blessing,”  Wayne A. I. Frederick, Howard University’s president, said in the release. “Their generosity is a reminder of how one person’s selfless act of kindness can be multiplied and have a profound impact on the lives of others.”

Alfred Street Baptist Church dates back to 1803, and is located in the Alexandria’s oldest African-American neighborhood, the Bottoms.

The church has always supported the Black community and Black colleges. Every year they donate $25,000 to a selected HBCU and hosts one of the largest free HBCU festivals in the country annually.

“ASBC congregation raised $150,000 during their Seek 2019, a church-wide physical, social media, and financial fast that lasted throughout the month of January. While $100,000 was gifted to Howard University seniors, $50,000 was also donated to Bennett College (the largest by any faith-based organization) to assist them in maintaining their accreditation,” the press release stated.

The church tweeted on Wednesday, “If 4,000 committed souls can believe, there is no stopping the Churches from saving our Communities & the Futures of our Children.”

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Earlier this week, Bennett College officials announced they had raised over $8.2 million to save the school, exceeding its $5 million goal.

This is great news for HBCUs during Black History Month.

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