Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel wore blackface; both remain quiet about it

Many are looking at the VA politicians sideways, but some will need to change their late night TV as videos have emerged outing your fave late night hosts

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Amid the blackface controversies surrounding Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, late night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are now at the center of their own blackface scandal.

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In 1999, Kimmel co-hosted a Comedy Central show called The Man Show. On one particular episode, The Jimmy Kimmel Live front man impersonated NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone. In the skit he appeared to be dressed in a boot-legged Jazz uniform (that read Jamz) and had applied blackface and a beard to top his look off. Kimmel also mocked Malone’s speech by using a broken vernacular aimed to stereotype African-Americans.

His obsession with Black culture didn’t end there. Kimmel reportedly wore blackface multiple times on the show, impersonating not only Malone but also media icon Oprah Winfrey.

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He is not the only late night host tangled in this blackface mess. Fallon appeared in blackface while impersonating Chris Rock once during a Saturday Night Live skit. Fox News jump on this quick, pointing out how quiet both comedians have been on the topic.


“While Northam’s racist yearbook page and bizarre press conference led national news and were mocked by several late-night hosts, they were left unmentioned by Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, both of whom have worn blackface on comedy skits,” Fox News reported.

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And the New York Post noted, “Kimmel and Fallon’s plan seems to be to ignore their own dabbling in blackface. Maybe they’ll have better luck than Northam.”