Nicole Duncan

Mitch McConnell has sipped so much of the "Trump Punch," that he has forgotten how organized Barack Obama’s administration actually was. But don't worry, 44 and his team are here with clapbacks and receipts. READ MORE: Mitch McConnell calls Obama...
Chinese researchers shared with the world on Thursday, May 7, that the deadly coronavirus can possibly be sexually transmitted. The doctors have discovered that a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 can be found in men’s semen even after they have...
“There’s a war going on outside … no man is safe.”  On so many levels, Prodigy’s opening line on the hit Mobb Deep song, “Survival of Fittest,” has been realized in a way that no one could have ever...
As the world stops to mourn the death of Ahmaud Arbery, 25, more information is emerging surrounding the murder. Following the release of a video that showed the gunning down of Arbery, a Black man who was reportedly jogging in...
Singer says Kanye West made Elly Jackson from the British La Roux write apology letter over negative comments about him to a friend.
During an Instagram Live session with DJ Khaled, a follower jumped on the stream to give him a private/ public virtual lap dance.
Jason Hehir, the director of ESPN’s documentary 'The Last Dance,' responds to the show's controversial captioning of President Barack Obama.
Donna Wright plans to travel from North Carolina to check on her son, who is allegedly hospitalized after sustaining injuries from NYPD over the weekend.
Today would have been Gianna Bryant’s 14th birthday. Many took to social media to pay tribute to the little baller, whose life was taken far too soon.
Over the weekend, photos emerged of thousands carelessly frolicking at the Orange County, as if the world is not in the middle of a global pandemic.
New York's white mayor has the perfect candidate for the co-chair of the city's newly formed Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity, a committee set up to support people of color impacted by the novel coronavirus after 'the city that never sleeps' returns to its normal pace: His Black wife.
It has been roughly 2,191 days since 276 young African princesses were kidnapped from the dormitory of the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria. According to Sarah Samuel (and corroborated by her sister Naomi Adamu), up until the night...
Stacey Abrams might not have won the Georgia gubernatorial election, but she is no loser. The highly sought after social justice advocate and political darling spoke at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. 2020 Clergy & Lay Leadership Conference about...
Drake is working with the Ultimate Rap League (URL) to expand his influence into the commercial battle rap arena through his partnership with the new streaming company, Caffeine.
"In Da Club" rapper 50 Cent appears to be a very big fan of Grammy-nominated singer, Lizzo, and took to social media to let the world know of his inappropriate thoughts about her.
Floyd Mayweather is often touted as one of the best pound for pound boxers who has ever lived, but he claims he is haning up his gloves for good.
As the Chair of the Multicultural Media Caucus, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke believes the racial discrimination case against Comcast Communications has the potential for massive implications on civil rights.
Congressman Bobby Rush has dedicated his entire life to preserving the civil rights of Black people. Just check his pedigree.
As the historic Supreme Court case between Byron Allen and Comcast & Charter swiftly approaches, many are trying to understand what exactly is at stake for Black people.
The Congressional Black Caucus has weighed in on the $20B lawsuit between Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios and the media companies, Comcast and Charter.