Racist substitute teacher tells Black students MLK killed himself and their clothes ‘marked them for prison’

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A white substitute teacher at a North Carolina elementary school is under fire for invoking her revisionist history lessons on minority students, telling them that Martin Luther King Jr. killed himself.

The music teacher subbing at Rand Road Elementary School in Wake County also insulted Black children by telling them, “their clothing marked them for prison” because they came to school in athletic gear.

Parent Billy ByrdThe NY Daily News reports, said his son Nathan was in the class. Upset, he took to Facebook and said the teacher “found the need to comment on my son’s appearance and the clothing that he was wearing” and “told my son and his fellow male peers of color that their clothing marked them for PRISON…..YES PRISON!”

He added:

“To wear athletic apparel while being BLACK is obviously a MARK for long term imprisonment these days by racist radicals portraying to be godly and upright conservative Christians.”

“She basically targeted me,” Nathan said. “She said, ‘If y’all keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to go to jail’. So, I stood up in front of the class and I said, ‘So, you’re basically going to predict my future that hasn’t even happened yet?’”

The sub, who was later identified as Elizabeth Temple, according to The HuffPost, was having a hard time getting the talkative kids under control and would not listen to her – which is somewhat of a rite of passage for substitute teachers.

Not only that but the pro-Trump teacher praised the President and even though there’s separation of church and state, she spewed out Bible lessons.

“This teacher constructed her own lesson plan that glorified President Trump and his love for God, country and all Americans,”  Byrd, wrote on Facebook.

To make matters even worse, the teacher reported told students that Martin Luther King Jr. was not assassinated that it “was a complete fabrication” and that he instead committed suicide.

A district spokesperson confirmed that the teacher said she no longer wanted to work for the district, according to the News & Observer.

Timothy Simmons, the chief of communications for the Wake County Public School System, sent this statement to HuffPost:

“The school became aware of the students’ concerns Friday afternoon as classes were ending. The principal and staff talked with as many students as possible before the day ended. Based on those conversations, the substitute teacher was contacted over the weekend and immediately resigned. She is no longer eligible to teach in the district.”