Chicago prosecutors moving to arrest R. Kelly after Michael Avenatti turned over new underage sex tape

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A new R. Kelly sex tape, allegedly featuring the embattled singer with another underage girl, has been turned over to the Cook County prosecutor’s office, and details of graphic sex acts are starting to emerge.

According to reporters at CNN, who have seen the tape, the footage is clear, explicit and mirrors many of the alleged acts for which Kelly was arrested for child pornography in 2002.

There are two scenes on the video: one apparently in a living room and another in a bedroom. A naked man who appears to be R. Kelly is seen performing multiple sex acts with the girl. She is heard calling him “daddy” multiple times.
It is impossible to know her age just from the video. They both refer to her “14-year-old p***y.” Six times the girl refers to her genitalia as 14 years old.
At one point, the man asks the girl to urinate. After she does, he urinates on her.
And now the is reporting that while Cook Country prosecutor Kim Foxx is remaining mum, a senior law-enforcement official confirmed to their writer  that an indictment is pending and Kelly could be soon be arrested.

Behind the Tape

Michael Avenatti, who is representing a man he calls a whistleblower against Kelly, says he handed the tape to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago last weekend.
“My client knows the identity of the girl and R. Kelly. He identified the two of them on the videotape. He worked for and has known R. Kelly for decades and he met the girl on a number of occasions,” Avenatti said.

The controversial lawyer for former porn star Stormy Daniels, who has been facing his own series of legal entanglements including accusations of domestic violence and several court cases, announced that he was retained by several R. Kelly accusers 10 months ago and has been working on the matters pro bono.

Avenatti claims the new tape has never been previously disclosed or been seen by law enforcement until now. He also maintains that the timeframe of the sexual assault depicted in the video falls within the Illinois statute of limitations.

The firebrand attorney released a statement to the media this morning.

In the wake of the release of the groundbreaking Surviving R. Kelly docu-series many have been eagerly awaiting the arrest of the accused serial abuser.

TheGrio has reached out to the Cook County State’s Attorney Office for comment and to confirm receipt of the video.