AAF league wanted to enlist Colin Kaepernick, but couldn’t afford his $20M asking price

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)


You’ve got to pay, if you want Colin Kaepernick to play—or at least that’s the message the former San Francisco quarterback wants football teams to know.

Colorado Springs store that banned Nike products in anti-Kaepernick move is folding

The new Alliance of American Football reached out to Kaepernick to negotiate terms to return to football, according to The Athletic. However, the championship player reportedly wanted $20 million or more to even consider playing with the league.

AAF co-founder Bill Polian said that CEO Charlie Ebersol made a failed attempt to get the former quarterback on board.

“I don’t know what transpired, but he’s obviously not playing,” Polian said.

Playing in the league usually means players earn upwards of $225,000 over three years, something Kaepernick obviously thought he could pass on given that on his own he’s making so much more.

Kaepernick Karma

Kaepernick knows his staying power, but a store owner had to learn the hard way how valuable the NFL star really is.

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A Colorado Springs, Col., athletic wear store that took a stand against Colin Kaepernick and stopped selling Nike gear to protest of the athlete’s activism over police brutality, now can’t afford to keep its doors open and is going out of business, the New York Daily News reports.

On Monday Stephen Martin, owner of Prime Time Sports announced on Facebook:

PRIME TIME SPORTS is closing. All merchandise 40% OFF. Thank You for 21 mostly good years.For everybody that has offered help and support through the “Honor The Flag” memorial wall and NIKE boycott, now is your time to help me liquidate. Please do your Facebook thing with everyone you know so this can go as quickly as possible.”

Folks better recognize that Kap is the man of the hour with financial power!