T.I. drops diss track, calling out Floyd Mayweather after his Gucci stance

Floyd Mayweather continues to remain a target for those who are boycotting Gucci after its blackface controversy. This time an audio diss takes the boxer to task

Floyd Mayweather
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Rapper T.I. on Thursday released a diss track against Floyd Mayweather a few days after the boxer says he’s going to continue to buy clothes from Gucci, despite calls for a boycott, according to Complex.

Earlier this month Gucci was caught in a scandal that involving the luxury brand selling an $890 wool sweater that resembles blackface makeup. Since then, they have pulled the sweater from stores and online and also apologized.

Celebrities such as T.I., 50 Cent, Spike Lee and Soulja Boy have called for people to boycott the brand. T.I. specifically has used his Instagram to call for his followers to support black clothing brands, rather than Gucci.

Some celebrities, on the other hand, are not interested in participating in the boycott like Kodak Black and Mayweather.

Mayweather was seen shopping a Gucci store in Beverly Hills earlier this week. When asked about the boycott the boxing champ told TMZ, “I’m not no follower, I do what the f*ck I wanna do,” he said.

“You know when everybody else they say, ‘Everybody gonna boycott?’ I say guess what, this boy gonna get on a yacht and live life,” Mayweather as he continued speaking further about the situation. “We all know racism still exists but that’s not gonna stop my drive.

“I’ve got friends from all walks of life and to me of course, black lives matter first … but my thing is this, I’m gonna continue to go out there live life and be happy,” he said.

T.I., who has already had a controversial past with Mayweather, responded how he felt in a diss track he released on Thursday.

“I don’t give a fuck how much money you have / What did you do with it? How did you use it to make an impact and influence the wealth for the better? / You rather go buy jewelry, whatever,” he raps.

He then challenges Mayweather saying: “All of them profits…how many scholarships? How many properties did you donate to the people in poverty?”

Check out the track (Warning: Explicit Language)

Mayweather responded to the incident online claiming that people were playing “hopscotch,” referencing other boycotts people were supposed to be participating in such as the NFL and H&M, but not staying true to their stance. Check out his post below: