White woman goes on racist rant at motorist; boasts about killing Tupac

A woman decided to attack a Black man who was driving his car and after he tried to go about his business came back to attack him


A white woman in Scottsdale, Arizona was videotaped on Sunday shouting racial slurs at a Black man and going on a tirade about how she killed rapper Tupac Shakur.

According to the Phoenix New Times, John Andrew Taylor had just dropped off his sister when he noticed the woman crossing the street. Immediately and unprovoked, Taylor said the woman started yelling racial slurs at him: “F**k you, you n****r.”

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Taylor said he was in disbelief and asked her to repeat herself, and told her he was going to videotape her.

“You heard me, you f****** n****r,” she responded, according to the video that Taylor posted on his IG page. Taylor said this is when he began recording. In the video, the woman directs her anger toward the camera and says “you motherfucker. Go for it, you f****** n****r piece of s***.”

As Taylor, who is still in his car driving, turns the corner, the woman – dubbed by one IG commenter as “crosswalk Kathy” – starts to walk away when Taylor says, “you have yourself a blessed day,” which seems to anger her again.

The woman starts walking in Taylor’s direction and at one point appears to say “you’re supposed to be in Oakland” before yelling the n-word again, according to the New Times.

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This time, Taylor makes time to engage with the woman. He parks his car, rolls down his window and says “matter of fact, I’m going to take the time for this one. What was that? You said I’m a what?”

The woman goes in another direction. “Tupac is dead. I killed him. I put a bullet through the f*****’s head.”

“Did you?” Taylor responds.

“I sure did. He is a dead f****** n****r. He is an ugly f****** homosexual rapist f****** n****r. Just like you, f****r,” the woman responds while pointing in Taylor’s direction.

After the woman walks off, Taylor turns his camera to himself, laughs and says, “and that’s how you make someone famous.”

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Later, in an interview with the New Times, Taylor said although he has experienced racism before, it has never been as in-your-face blatant as this.

“I was shocked,” Taylor told the newspaper. “I have never in my life had someone had the gumption and the audacity to come out and say something like this. Not directly to my face, at least.”

Taylor said he laughed, although he was dumbfounded, because he thought of something his mom used to say: “Never look like what you’re going through.”

“What she meant by that is, if you’re going through trials and tribulations on the outside, if you’re hurting, put a smile on,” Taylor said. “You can make it through anything. Even if it’s killing you on the inside, don’t let it show.”

Taylor, an Army veteran, said he did not report the incident to police.

“That lady had every right to say what she did say. While I was in the military, that’s what I fought to protect,” Taylor told the newspaper.

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