Racist man calls pregnant Black woman n-word on video and gets fired from medical center ‘You’re a n****r shut up!’

On Saturday a Flowood, Mississippi man went on a racist rant against a donut shop employee that was caught on video and the encounter ended up costing him his job.

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Mississippi Baptist Medical Center fired radiologist Kyle Thomas and distanced itself from the employee after a video of Thomas calling a pregnant woman the n-word repeatedly, went viral.

Keaundrea Wardlaw said Thomas entered the Jacksonville Donut Palace shop and called her a n****r four times because he was apparently upset over the service.

In the video Wardlaw sounds off on Thomas saying: “I hope you don’t deal with children” and he fired back a nasty retort saying: “shut your f*****g mouth.”

Wardlaw then said “who are you talking to?” Thomas replied: “you’re a child, shut up.”

The two continued to feud. Wardlaw then shot back, “you’re a son of a b**** that’s what you are, you don’t speak to me that way.”

That’s when Thomas went off the rails.

“You’re a n****r shut up!”

That’s when Wardlaw shouted back “Oh I’m a  n****r, now I’m a n****r and you’re a b****, say it again.”

Thomas did just that and hurled the racist slur four more times before exiting the store.

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It’s a decision that cost him his livelihood after the video was posted by Facebook user Marcus Little and Thomas was identified as a Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, according to Daily Mail.

He wrote: “Ladies and Gentlemen meet Kyle Thomas, the bigoted radiologist x-ray tech yelled racial epithets towards a pregnant black woman over some creme filled doughnuts at a local family owned donut shop in the Jackson, MS area earlier today.”

After the video showing his racist rant went viral, Thomas took to Facebook to apologize.

Thomas wrote online: “I regret every word… there is no excuse to say these horrible things. I was upset about another issue and it spilled over into this. I can’t apologize enough.”

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center said although Thomas was off the job, his actions language and behavior doesn’t represent the organization’s values.

Wardlaw said Thomas has since returned to the donut shop to apologize to her boss but hasn’t apologized to her. She said she’d accept an apology if Thomas gives her one.

When will racist people learn that their behavior will cost them their jobs?