Red Table Talk: Jordyn Woods says Tristan Thompson kissed her, but they never had sex

Jordyn Woods appeared on Red Table Talk and claimed Tristan Thompson kissed her and she is willing to take a lie detector test.

Jordyn Woods
Screenshot Red Table Talk


This week’s episode of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s popular Red Table Talk show was highly anticipated because it featured long-time Smith family friend, Jordyn Woods.

Woods, who up until recently was best friends and business partners with Kylie Jenner, has been making headlines because of reports that she made out with Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian‘s daughter. Thompson himself made headlines last year after multiple videos and photos of him being intimate with other women surfaced.

Pinkett-Smith welcomed to the Red Table to talk about this very sensitive topic. Woods’ father began working on the set of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before Woods was even born and when she did come into the world, she found herself as another member of the Smith household, especially after the death of her father. She soon became close to the Kardashian/Jenner clan as well, particularly with Kylie Jenner. The two have documented their close friendship in countless pictures and social media posts as well as a business partnership.

All of that history has made the recent headlines all the more shocking to the public. Woods started off her tearful appearance on Red Table Talk by going through her recollection of what happened the night that sources claims she was making out with Thompson.

Jordyn Woods’ Version of That Night

“There’s a family that feels betrayed by you. You’re clear about that, right? I want to give you the opportunity to share your truth,” said Pinkett-Smith.

According to Woods, she and a few girlfriends went to Thompson’s house after a night of clubbing. Contrary to reports of her and Thompson being all over eachother, Woods says that is simply not true.

“I never gave him a lap dance or made out with him. I wasn’t dancing all over him. We were all in plain sight,” said Woods.

When Pinkett-Smith asked her why someone would have the impression that she was giving Thompson a lap dance, Woods had an interesting answer.

“There was a chair, a couch and a another chair,” said Woods. “I’m sitting on the arm of the chair where Tristan is sitting and my legs were laying over his at the bottom.”

Woods acknowledged, however,  that she is responsible for putting herself in that position to have people misconstrue what actually happened. “He didn’t try to take me to the room. It wsa all an innocent time, but I can’t be doing that.  Theres’ so much history involved and I wasn’t thinking right.”

Woods said she left Thompson’s home at about 7 am and Thompson offered for her to stay over, but she said she declined because she had a driver waiting outside. It was at that moment that Woods claims Thompson kissed her on the lips.

“No passion, no nothing, on the way out he just kissed me. It was a kiss on the lips, but no tongue kiss, no making out, nothing,” she said. “I was just like ‘I need to go’ I was in shock. I was like let me just pretend that that didn’t happen.”

The Aftermath

Woods offered to take a lie detector test multiple times.

She said she has had no contact with Thompson, but that she did tell Kylie Jenner that she was going to appear on the show and Woods says she has apologized to Khloe Kardashian via text and over the phone, but they have yet to meet in person about the ordeal.

“Give everybody their process. Allow hurts to heal little by little to feel safe enough to invite a repair. Sometimes it takes years, weeks, or days. When there’s love there, there’s always a path towards healing,” said Pinkett-Smith.

When asked point-blank if she slept with Thompson, Woods said she has never had sex with Thompson and never will.

Woods shared that her family’s safety has been threatened and that even her 12-year-old sister is unable to go to school because of

Pinkett-Smith asked for Red Table Talk fans to be gentle with Woods. “I ask for compassion. I ask that we raise this young lady up with love and kindness. She is learning and growing from this particular incident.”

Watch the entire episode below: