Could Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have an open relationship?

Perhaps that could be the only explanation to Thompson’s sloppy hookups with multiple women and the cheating scandal that Kardashian seems unbothered about. And now the Daily Mail reports that the NBA star has been photographed yet again with a fifth lady. And from the looks of his chick picks, Thompson doesn’t discriminate.

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Thompson’s raunchy rendezvous were caught on tape recently, and now, more video and pics have surfaced showing Thompson with a woman name Tamia less than a month ago in NYC. Thompson also reportedly hooked up with Tamia back in November.

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Tamia joins Thompson’s groupie entourage of Lani Blair and another woman seen hugged up with the NBA baller in a DC bar. Thompson wasn’t shy about kissing the women while putting his head deeply buried in one woman’s breasts. All this action while his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian lay bedridden in Cleveland waiting to give birth to their baby girl on Thursday.

According to reports, Thompson showed no shame as he wined and dined his side chick Tania, partied in NYC clubs and she had a nightcap at the Four Seasons, an upscale Manhattan hotel. On one occasion, she even went to Cleveland to watch the Cavaliers play.

Back in November, the Daily Mail reports, Tania was seen leaving a hotel at 7am. and Thompson soon followed. Thompson’s certainly not choosy since Tania is a salesperson at a fashion store. Kardashian owns several fashion stores and has her own fashion line.

Khloe Kardashian gives birth to baby girl amid Tristan Thompson cheating scandal

Reports says Thompson left and went back to the NYC hotel several times during his stay there. Cleveland was playing the Brooklyn Nets back in March when Thompson was seen with Tania. It’s also the same hotel he took Blair to.