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Dr. Belinda George is the principal at Homer Drive Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas. and has gone viral after getting in her PJs and reading to her students online every Tuesday night before bedtime. (Screen grab)

A first year principal in Texas has gained national attention for going the extra mile to make her students feel supported at home. According to TODAY, last month, Dr. Belinda George, the principal at Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont Texas, slipped into her pajamas and read “Clark the Shark” aloud in a video that has since received thousands of views.

George has taken to reading bedtime stories to her students via Facebook video posts as a way to connect with them and also encourage the children to develop a love of reading. To make things cozy, the 42-year-old often appears in her pajamas when she logs on every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm CST.

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“The idea came from a Facebook group called Principal Principles Leadership Group,” George told TODAY. “And from the fact that I absolutely love my children.”

In fact, 94 percent of her students at Homer Drive Elementary come from economically disadvantaged homes, which means one, if not both, of their parents are often at work and unavailable to read to them at home.

In a short amount of time, “Tucked in Tuesdays” have already become a hit, with some parents even join their children to watch the videos.

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“Watching these from Murray, KY. Our daughter enjoys watching these story videos,” wrote Holly Rudd Buchanan, adding a heart emoji to her comment.

“Thank you for going out of your way for them!” wrote another fan named Dana Berisha.

“Children will not trust you until you give them a reason to,” she told GMA. “As an educator, you must build relationships with each child that you encounter. Relationships are the key to trust and student growth. If a child feels loved, they will try. There’s no science behind it. When dealing with children, you have to remember that no matter what they do, they are children. No matter the behavior, they all want to be loved and nurtured.”

Clark the Shark and the Big Book ReportReading Level: 2.5AR Points: 0.5

Posted by Homer Drive Elementary on Tuesday, February 19, 2019