After learning that a teacher “slammed” his son, an enraged father grabbed an AK-47 and showed up at his child’s school.

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Christopher Freeman of West Pam Beach, Florida, was arrested on Monday for making death threats after his son, who was crying, informed him through FaceTime that his teacher assaulted him at Bear Lakes Middle School, Palm Beach County School District police said.

When an assistant principal called to inform the father he reportedly made a deadly threat, “you’re all dead,” the arrest report stated.

By the time Freeman arrived at the school with the AK-47 in his waistband, he was met by police. The furious father was reportedly in a wheelchair and the handle of a large gun was protruding from his pants, according to police.

Freeman was yelling and screaming, “I want to see the guy who slammed my son. I’ve got something for him,” the report stated.

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He claims he forgot he had the gun in his possession, even though it was in his pants. He told officers that he didn’t plan to harm anyone.

Freeman was arrested and face several criminal charges including possession of a firearm on school grounds, aggravated assault with a weapon, and disrupting a school function.