Issa Rae talks ‘New Money Weight’ and living a healthy lifestyle

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Issa Rae’s had a banner year, with TV, movies and cosmetic contracts and with her scene-stealing success comes mo’ money— and mo’ weight apparently.

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Rae opened up in the April issue of Women’s Health Magazine about the ‘new money weight’ she says she gained and how she’s finding her way to a healthy routine to drop the unwanted extra pounds.

“When the Web series started, I was very, very broke,” she told the magazine.

“Then more opportunities began to come. I was gaining New Money Weight,” she added, explaining, “When you get a new job, you’re like, ‘I can afford to eat at restaurants all the time!’ That adds up in weight.”

The Insecure star admits she became a little insecure about the extra fluff and decided to put a healthy plan in place. But it wasn’t always easy.

“I was a big excuse person when it came to exercising and eating right,” she told Women’s Health.

“I’d have spurts of trying to work out and be good. Then once I fell off, I’d be like, ‘Well, there’s always next year. Let me make it my New Year’s revolution,’ ” she said, admitting that “even then, I would still be eating wrong while exercising vigorously.”

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Rae said she’s learned to make exercise a priority.

“I exercise for, like, an hour each day,” she told Women’s Health. “My neighborhood has a bunch of hills. Then I alternate between walking and jogging.”

Taking control of her health is important given all the projects the Emmy-nominated actress and producer has lined up in 2019.

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