Milwaukee man charged with killing ex, search continues for 2-year-old daughter

Dariaz Higgins, 34, was charged Thursday, but an Amber Alert is still active for Noelani.

Dariaz Higgins thegrio
Dariaz Higgins (Courtesy of Milwaukee Police Department)

A Milwaukee man was charged Thursday with two felonies in connection with the death of the mother of his missing 2-year-old daughter, reports KMBC News.

Dariaz Higgins, 34, was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon and first-degree recklessly endangering safety, and use of a dangerous weapon, in the death of his ex Sierra Robinson, TMJ4 reports.

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Milwaukee police arrested Higgins Wednesday. The couple’s daughter, Noelani is still missing. The incident occurred when Robinson, 24, traveled to Milwaukee to retrieve her daughter after moving to Las Vegas, police said. Investigators are trying to determine the child’s whereabouts and an Amber Alert is still active. 

“This is a child that has no idea of what is going on,” Gloria Matheny, Robinson’s grandmother, told the news outlet.

Matheny said instead of Robinson calling the police, she was setting up an arrangement for weeks for the return of her daughter.

“Everybody had been telling her, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it,'” Matheny said.

The grandmother said the victim called her on Friday to tell her that she had worked out a plan to get her daughter.

“My granddaughter was afraid. I could hear the fear in her voice,” Matheny said.

Unfortunately, she received a call from a relative who told her about the shooting. Higgins is also accused of shooting friend and taking off with the toddler, police said.

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Matheny told the news outlet that she had a close relationship with Noelani.

“If I left out of one room, she was right with me,” Matheny said.

She said she continues to think about her great-granddaughter’s smile, saying that the child was “very happy.”

Now Matheny said all she can do is keep praying. She wonders if Noelani will come back home.