Brianna Rhodes

A South Carolina sheriff and two officers on Tuesday were charged with federal counts of conspiracy, tampering and falsification of records in a federal investigation after allegedly arresting an innocent man in 2018.
A North Philadelphia business woman known for throwing lavish prom parties avoided 140 years of jail time for social security fraud on Wednesday.
A woman and her son were found at Chris Brown's home Saturday night after with claims that he placed a spell on her pre-teen son.

Some of our favorite Black stars graced the pink carpet at the Met Gala on Monday, but many fans couldn’t help but notice that Rihanna, the Met Gala queen herself, was missing from the “camp” festivities.
A special prosecutor appointed by the Illinois Attorney General’s office will handle the case against an activist facing misdemeanor charges after Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx decided to step down from the case last month.
A Black customer plans to file a lawsuit against a Starbucks in Brandon, Fla. after claiming an employee racially profiled him last month. 

Entertainment powerhouse Regina King looked stunning at the Met Gala 2019. The Oscar winning actress took breaks to drink some tequila while getting ready.
Chad Boseman signed on to play Yasuke, a 16th century slave who was brought to Japan and was “the first African samurai to swing a sword in Japan.”
R. Kelly avoided jail time on Wednesday by paying up to $62,000 in back child support (for March, April and May) to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

Father Michael Pfleger has invited Minister Louis Farrakhan to speak at St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago, on Thursday after the minister he was banned from Facebook last week.
Council member Mark-Anthony Middleton was upset that it took more than 50 years after Malcolm X's assassination that he was honored in Durham, NC.
Toki Sen-I Co. is suing the rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West for using his status to defraud workers for his apparel line.
The first Black student to enroll and attend the University of Alabama has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the school after being expelled over 60 years later during the school's commencement ceremony.
A Richmond police officer has "rescinded" his promise to deliver a public apology after he cursed a group of Black middle school students in March.
A Ladue, Missouri police officer was charged with second-degree assault for shooting a shoplifting suspect in a Schnucks grocery store parking lot on Wednesday, according to St. Louis Public Radio.
TSA “busted” the Brooklyn Nets guard when an Arizona Iced Tea can was flagged in the system. They found the weed in a secret compartment inside the can and they also found some in a grinder also inside the can.
Facebook announced on Thursday that it has banned several high-profile accounts and people from its platform, including Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, according to USA Today.
The animated movie, UglyDolls, had an important, powerful message that influenced top artists like Janelle Monae to join the star-studded cast. The message of the film, tells the story about dolls and the concept of a “doll cast system” where “ugly” dolls are sent to an island because of their flaws while the pretty ones get paired with a kid. But, the main character, Molly, who is played by Kelly Clarkson, goes against the idea, despite being named an “ugly doll” and prepares to compete for kid's love along with the pretty dolls,
Scotty Garnell Morrow, 52, is set to receive the injection at the state prison in Jackson after being charged with murder for shooting his ex-girlfriend, Barbara Ann Young and her friend, Tonya Woods in December 1994, reports say.
A former Detroit police officer faces two lawsuits for alleged misconduct & abuse against two Black women, who say that offenses were "racially motivated."