Jess Hilarious
Jessica "Jess Hilarious" Moore has quickly learned that profiling is no laughing matter. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for Fox)

Instagram comedian Jess Hilarious is coming under serious fire for an off-handed IG post that seems to have caused a group of Arab men to get kicked off a flight.

The ‘Rel’ star is currently touring cross country, with a gig coming up Tuesday night at The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Omaha, Nebraska. On Sunday, she hit up social media to note how she was feeling uncomfortable by several Sikh men she incorrectly presumed were Muslim boarding her flight, thejasminebrand reported. Jess claimed the men made her “nervous” because of their appearance.

In a follow-up tweet, she reported that Homeland security came on board and removed the men from the flight right before takeoff. It’s still unclear why the men were removed and what transpired after they were escorted off the plane. However, many on social media assumed Jess was to blame because she profiled them, and they lit up her comment sections, reading her for filth as a result.

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In several expletive-filled videos on her Instagram page, Jess rejected being labeled “racist” and Islamophobic,  and then insisted that she may have had a legitimate reason to be “scared” since government officials had the men removed from the flight.

Jess was labeled “ignorant” and “ghetto” by several Instagram users, with one noting that “She shouldn’t have a platform if this is the ignorance she’s gonna broadcast.”

Another said: “How did she feel threatened? Bc they were Islamic? Or did they actually do something?”

Several agreed that “the men shouldn’t have gotten kicked off the plane because of her [profiling] them.”

“I had a similar experience however I dealt with the individual directly……if you’re in a situation that don’t seem right react don’t sit back and allow something to go down when you could intervene…..not accepting the ignorance but ppl be on alert at all times!!!,” wrote one IG user.

After being dragged relentlessly across social media, Jess finally backed down and admitted she was wrong for profiling the men. She apologized but also said “y’all can’t blame me for being scared,” adding, “I saw four people of that caliber and I just revert back to the past.”

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She was presumably referencing the 9/11 terror attacks in New York. But who knows?

Ironically, Jess’ “fear” comes on the heels of the horrific terror attack in New Zealand on Friday, where an alleged white supremacist, male gunman has been linked to the slaughter of 50 people inside two mosques.