Woman suing Queen Latifah and BET alleging they stole her show idea

Latosha Lee claims Queen Latifah's production company and BET has stolen her idea for a reality show.

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A woman who says she created a TV show and shopped the idea around to Hollywood execs is now suing Queen Latifah‘s production company, claiming they stole her pitch and produced the reality show, From the Bottom Up.

Latosha Lee filed a lawsuit against Black Entertainment Television (BET), Latifah’s production company Flavor Unit Entertainment and Nicci Gilbert.

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The Blast reports Lee claims in the lawsuit: “In 2013, Lee conceived a novel idea for a reality television show called Real Life Cinderellas of Atlanta. She says the show would “focus on the daily lives of women who had gone through publicized scandals and were seeking redemption.”

The show was based on the premise of five “African-American quasi-celebrity women living in Atlanta, Georgia, who have all experienced media scandals and working toward their lives around.”

Lee reportedly filmed the show with a cast and sent a sizzle reel around to various networks and TV execs. BET, she said, was interested in the idea, but soon talks fell flat.

Lee said it wasn’t long before she found out that the network had created a similar show From the Bottom Up and she said it’s a rip-off of her show idea because of the similar storylines and cast.

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Lee wants the courts to invoke an injunction to stop the network and Flavor Unit from running the show. She also wants her cut of the profits.

Latifah surely would want some proof that the show idea was lifted from Lee before admitting any wrongdoing. One thing is for she, she was one of a few stars who stood by Jussie Smollett early on and said she needed to see “definitive proof” that he orchestrated a racist and homophobic attack on himself.

Smollett now has been let off the hook by the Cook County prosecutors after they dropped the 16-count grand jury indictment against him.