‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Mally Mall busted for alleged human trafficking

The Encino home of Mally Mall was raided in connection with investigations into alleged human trafficking and the trafficking of exotic animals.


Love and Hip-Hop star Mally Mall is already under fire for keeping exotic animals in his California home under lock and key. And now the famed producer has been busted for allegedly running a sex/human trafficking ring out of Vegas, TMZ reports.

Mall is being sued by at least three prostitutes in Nevada who claim they were enslaved by Mall and even though prostitution is legal in the state, they want a judge to rule it unconstitutional because it violated the 13th Amendment which bans slavery.

‘Love and Hip-Hop’ star Mally Mall’s home raided by Feds for housing exotic animals

The lawsuit was filed a few weeks ago but the scathing allegations of the sex/human trafficking ring have just come to light.

In the lawsuit, one of the women claimed she answered an ad in 2006, to join Mall’s company VIP Entertainment based in Dallas, which she says was a front for an escort service business.

The woman said she was trafficked in various states and ended up in Vegas so she could work as a prostitute for the company. But Mall she says lured women under the guise that the work was glamorous, much like that of a “Playboy Bunny,” and he was a Hugh Heffner of sorts.

Mall, she said used “methods of fraud” and instead she enslaved and often “forced” to perform oral sex on him.

During her time as a “lady of the night”, she was able to retain 30% of the money she earned. That soon changed, she said, and she eventually had to give Mall up to 100% of her makings.

Under her duties, the woman said she flew to places like Chicago and Boston to perform sex and was issued only a small allowance for food and her hotel stay.

“Mally Mall was entering the music industry and he was recognized as a major pimp in the illegal sex trade in Las Vegas,” the woman said.

Mally Mall’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells TMZ, “This is simply a nonsense lawsuit, and as such, the allegations against Mally Mall are not deserving of further comment.”

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Mall’s in a lot of hot water over trafficking exotic animals as well.

According to CBS Newsofficers seized a cotton-top tamarin monkey from the home after a search warrant was served on Wednesday by Los Angeles police and California Department of Fish and Wildlife agents.

The monkey is “critically endangered”, according to the  International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Capt. Patrick Foy from the California DFW informed TMZ that a serval cat and a spider monkey were taken from the house. Mall was at home during the raid and was arrested.

“The department officers will file a report with either the LA City Attorney or the LA District Attorney. The attorney’s office will decide if violations were committed,” he said.

The producer, who has worked with prominent artists such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Future and Snoop Dogg according to his website, is known for posting pictures of exotic animals on his Instagram.

On the social media platform, Mall has pictures and videos of animals including a cheetah, a capuchin monkey, and a caracal cat. This particular species of cat is known to come from areas such as Africa the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.

Stuntin’ on the gram really opened up a Pandora’s box of problems for the producer.



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