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It’s been less than a year since LeBron James opened the doors to his I Promise school, and already the success rate is through the roof.

Recently The New York Times profiled the progress of James’ “experimental” primary school located in Akron, Ohio and the results were nothing short of promising. While the school just recently opened in August 2018, students have already started displaying massive amounts of success in their studies.

The 240 student body of I Promise School consists primarily of at-risk students.

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According to the news outlet, the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test results, released by the Akron Public Schools Office of School Improvement, has shown major success rates within the student body between fall and winter period, including the following:

  • 90% of students — who started the school year at least one year behind grade level – met or exceeded their expected growth in math and reading.
  • Test scores increased at a rate higher than 99 out of 100 schools, per Northwest Evaluation (NWEA) school norms.
  • Third-graders went from the first percentile to the 18th percentile in math, moving from intensive tier of support to targeted levels of support.
  • Fourth-graders went from the second percentile to the 30th percentile in math, going from intensive tier of support to low universal tier of support.
  • All IPS students were below grade level in reading, and in the latest testing scores, 23% of students scored at or above the 25th percentile in reading, putting them at or near grade level.

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James took to his Instagram to share his excitement over the news:

“Proud is an understatement. I honestly could not wait to share this news when I heard it. Kids you are smart, amazing, talented, and nothing short of inspirational!” the NBA star began. He then proceeded to thank the teachers and staff who helped made the moment possible.

“Teachers & all the staff [heart emojis]. Ya’ll are the right ones, the real ones on this journey changing lives & numbers don’t lie, we’re only going to keep getting better. Let’s keep GROWING and changing the game,” he finished.

The school, which also provides a two-a-day meal schedule for kids, also extends its services into the summer, via a summer-school program.
Keith Liechty, a coordinator in Akron public school system’s Office of School Improvement, told NYT:

“It’s encouraging to see growth, but by no means are we out of the woods. The goal is for these students to be at grade level, and we’re not there yet. This just tells us we’re going in the right direction.”

While the school currently only houses third and fourth graders, they plan to add fifth grade next year. “I Promise” also promises to gradually add more classes until it houses grades 1-8 by 2022..