Rapper arrested after threatening to shoot up college campus in his lyrics

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In one Florida rapper’s case, no one wants his art to be real life.

Christopher Maurice McCallum, aka stage name Jun Jun, was arrested and charged with threatening mass murder after he spit rap lyrics saying that he was going to shoot up a college campus.

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Apparently, McCallum posted a diss track on Facebook last month that was taken seriously after telling a rival, “Catch you at a Gator [University of Florida] game and shoot the whole campus up,” The Gainesville-Sun reports.

McCallum, from Ocala, Florida, learned the hard way that his threat had real-life consequences. He was charged with two second-degree felony counts of intimidation by written threat to commit bodily injury and to kill or injure, according to court records.

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Under Florida law, “it is a felony to threaten to kill or injure someone,” and that includes “writing or composing something that indicates the person will conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism.”

“I haven’t listened to the entire song. My understanding is it was very specific as to locations – and concurrent with an upcoming concert,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Brett Rhodenizer. 

“When the court process continues … and if ultimately this is not a level of proof where he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that’s the way the system is supposed to work. But is it probable cause to make an arrest in the interest of public safety? I think so.”