WATCH: Jackie Long plays the man we love to hate on ‘Games People Play’

The cast also reveals who would win in a real-life dance-off.


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BET’s sexy new series, Games People Play, has already served up plenty of drama since it premiered last month and there are still tons of surprises in store.

TheGrio caught up with the cast of the show to find out who we should be looking out for and all signs point to Kareem Johnson, played by Jackie Long. The actor reveals that his character may some seriously shady tricks up his sleeve and he’s the one viewers will love to hate.

“”Kareem Johnson is a is is a very interesting character…He chose money over the the right decision. He’s a money hungry dude so when you think of money first, you always make the wrong decision,” Long says of his character.

He could have ended up making it to the NBA if he did the right thing and he could have had a great life but instead he took the wrong steps. He has a lot of things that he got to deal with now.”

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The onscreen bromance between Long’s character and his BFF, Marques King (Sarunas Jackson) seems like it may not be as genuine as it seems.

“Now he has to be a best friend to a dude that, in his mind he thinks or knows that he’s better than and he’s got a lot of his secrets. He handles a lot of things for him and so he’s in a situation where he can either put this boy on blast,” says Long.

He can you know work on trying to be a better ball player and try to be better that way but with Kareem you don’t know. He’s very tricky. You’re going to love him sometimes and then you’re going to hate him. I don’t like the way he is. I could never be the type of person he is in life.”

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Fortunately, Jackie Long is a lot ore lovable in real life and the chemistry he and the rest of the cast that includes Lauren London, Parker McKenna Posey, and Karen Obilom is obvious anytime they get together.

Check out the video to find out who would win in a real-life dance battle and get a few more secrets about the addictive new series.

Games People Play airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on BET.