VIDEO: Handsome fake millionaire scammed woman on out of $80,000

Gavel Money
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A Georgia woman thought she met the man of her dreams on but instead she met a smooth criminal, a con man who bilked $80,000 out of her before bouncing.

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Police are searching for John Martin Hill, the mastermind who deceived a woman into thinking he was a multi-millionaire and the two would get married after a brief online romance, The AJC reports.

Hill apparently convinced the woman to give up $80,000 to buy a home together after a week of dating.

“During their short romance, he convinced her that they were in love and wanted to buy a house together,” Gwinnett spokeswoman Cpl. Michele Pihera told AJC. “They went house-hunting and selected a home they were interested in.”

Hill fled as soon as he received the cash.

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Police report that Hill has also been flimflamming women in at least four other states, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Police ask that victims contact Gwinnett detectives at 770-513-5300 if they find out any info about Hill.