Dame Dash’s ex-wife Rachel Roy says he abused drugs in front of their daughters

In an ugly, yearslong custody fight, the music mogul and his estranged fashion designer wife traded accusations through the courts and the fight is only worsening

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy (Getty Images)

Dame Dash’s custody battle with ex-wife Rachel Roy has intensified with both sides taking shots at the other’s parenting skills and hurling accusations of substance abuse.

In April, the music mogul hit up the courts to seek more parental time with his 11-year-old daughter with Roy, Tallulah. Dash explained in his legal documents that his work schedule has lightened, so he’s able to spend more time with her. He also claims Roy’s drinking problem could potentially put their child’s life at risk.

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Roy, who is a fashion designer, has responded to Dash’s filing in which she accuses him of using drugs in front of their kids.

The former couple dated for more than two years before tying the knot in 2005. But in 2009, Roy filed for divorce and in 2015, she was awarded sole custody of their two daughters. She later filed for an order of protection against Dash, claiming a history of domestic abuse for which the court reportedly granted her and the girls a three-year restraining order against him.

Days later, he filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, alleging breach of contract related to Royale Etenia, the fashion company they founded during their marriage.

In his latest legal filing, Dash claims Roy often travels and leaves Tallulah with their domestic help, which is why he is demanding joint legal and physical custody. He also cites an alleged incident that went down at a Christmas party last year, where Roy became “very intoxicated to the point she could not drive herself or our daughter” home, The Blast reports.

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He now wants Dash to attend mandatory anger management classes and therapy sessions, as noted by Complex.

Roy maintains that her kids are fearful of their father, and oldest daughter, 19-year-old Ava, has even filed court documents stating as much. They claim Dash’s drug and alcohol use reportedly gives his daughters anxiety because he becomes violent. Roy also accuses him of smoking marijuana in front of their kids.

In his response to the court, Dash insists he has done “everything in my power to rehabilitate from the past.”