Fans say Raiders’ deal with Richie Incognito proves Colin Kaepernick was blacklisted

An NFL guard who has a violent, racist reputation gets a new one-year contract while one who protested racism still sits on the bench and fans are not happy

Richie Incognito (L), and Colin Kaepernick


Richie Incognito, whose NFL career has seen as much scandal as it has success has signed a new deal with the Oakland Raiders and sports fans have been quick to point out the irony in his getting a deal while Colin Kaepernick still sits without a contract.

According to Complex, Incognito, 35, a former Miami Dolphins offensive guard who has been suspended in the past for allegedly sending racist voicemails and text messages to other players — and has not played since 2017 — inked a deal with the Raiders on Tuesday.

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Incognito’s antics also include a 2018 arrest for allegedly threatening to shoot the employees of a funeral home. Workers at the establishment claim he made a bizarre demand that his late father’s head be cut off for “research purposes.” When he did not get the response he wanted, they say he began walking through the building while violently destroying property, according to reports.

He was also accused of making racist slurs toward the Dolphins’s assistant trainer during the 2018 Jaguars-Bills’ AFC wildcard playoff game.

Despite this, Raiders general manager Mike Mayock said he had no problem with Incognito, because of his on-field performance “Three years in a row he was a Pro Bowler in Buffalo in ’15, ’16, and ’17,” Maycock told USA Today.  “I think whenever he has been focused on activities solely on the field, he has been fine. “We’ve done a one-year, prove-it deal with him. Prove it means both on and off the field. There are some expectations he’s got to meet in both areas.”

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Kaepernick, on the other hand, was effectively blackballed from playing in the NFL after his kneeling gesture in protest of the injustice of police violence against Blacks beginning with the 2016 season. He has seen no trouble or controversy outside of the issue and has consistently trained to return to pro football and has openly said he is ready to return. He settled a collusion grievance with the league in February after alleging team owners tried to keep him and former teammate Eric Reid out of the league.

Meanwhile, the social media sphere lit up with frustration about Incognito being signed but Kaepernick still waits for a call.