Animal-rights protester bum rushes stage during Kamala Harris appearance

Thinking he could make a statement for animals, an activist instead made a spectacle of himself when he tried to take the microphone from the 2020 presidential candidate



An animal-rights activist made headlines all weekend after he bum rushed the stage and attempted to swipe a microphone from presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris’ hands during a campaign event in California.

According to the New York Post, Saturday, during a discussion about the gender pay gap at MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco, an overzealous protester, now identified as Aidan Cook, decided to interrupt the talk to make a political statement.

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The viral video shows the moment the incident took place and the stunned, but quick thinking reactions of those around the senator.

“I want to bring you attention to a much bigger idea,” Cook can be heard saying to those in attendance before the microphone is cut off.

Not surprisingly, once news of what happened spread, it prompted outrage on social media, but many also praised event moderator, Karine Jean-Pierre, for jumping between Cook and Harris.

Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff — along with several security guards — can also be seen jumping onstage, with Emhoff grabbing the mic away from him. In the midst of all the chaos Harris ultimately ends up calmly (but quickly) walking off stage to safety.

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“Watch Kamala Harris’ husband @douglasemhoff jump up on that stage — and look at his face… man-bun dude is lucky he got out of there intact…” tweeted @leahmcelrath.“And don’t get me started on the courage and quick response of @K_JeanPierre — I’ll just say I’d trust her to have my back any time, anywhere.”

In response to all the praise and support Emhoff responded by tweeting: “Thx for all the kind notes. We are good. I love @KamalaHarris and would do anything for her.”

According to a news release from animal welfare advocacy group Direct Action Everywhere, Cook was there to Harris to “support ordinary citizens rescuing animals rather than the factory farms that abuse animals, sicken local populations and repress whistle-blowing activity.”