Texas day care blocks boy’s godfather from Father’s Day gathering

Although young Nas Tillotson doesn't have his biological father in his life, his godfather has stepped in. But his day care says that's not good enough for him to attend a function there

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A Texas mom has pulled her 3-year-old out of day care because the center said the boy’s godfather couldn’t take part in a “Donuts With Dad” event on Friday.

Tiffany Tillotson tells KTRK that she pulled her son, Nas, out of Parent’s Choice Daycare in Spring, Tex., because she was told Nas’ godfather, Jesse Moore, would not be allowed to take part in Friday’s get together. Tillotson told the station she wanted Moore there because Nas’ biological father is not in his life.

“I just thought it was something cute his godfather could participate in,” Tillotson said.

The mother said when she asked the center to explain the reason for its decision, she was told that Parents Choice did not want extra people at the event. When Tillotson explained Moore is, for all intents and purposes, the boy’s father, the center said they did not want Moore at the event for security reasons, according to KTRK.

As it is, Moore already has permission to pick Nas up from the center, Tillotson said.

“Makes no sense,” she told the station. “If I’m giving you permission to pick up my child, you have all consent for me to do that. Why would you not have consent to sit down and have a donut with him?”

Moore said he takes his bond with Nas seriously.

“I think every young man, whether white, black, blue should have a father figure in his life,” Moore said.

Regarding the center’s decision, he said, “It’s completely unfair; it’s unjust.”

Parent’s Choice Daycare did not return KTRK’s telephone calls.

Tillotson said she is past the point of wanting an apology. She said she just wants to share her story with the public to shine a light on the issue.

“Every family doesn’t have the structure that they believe every family has,” Tillotson said. “They should make exception for those that have differences.”