Melanie Eversley

After running an essay that has been criticized as boosting a sect of Jewish culture as more intelligent, the newspaper is pulling back one of its citations
The hip-hop impresario angrily blasted a lawsuit accusing him of non-consensual sexual touch and says he's the one being victimized
Unsurprisingly, in a new Gallup poll, the 44th president remains popular among Democrats while the 45th president is enjoying unwavering support among Republicans
With the death of funnyman John Witherspoon, Ice Cube is unsure of the direction of the popular film franchise and says distributor New Line Cinema has the final word
Immediately after the Georgia congressman revealed that he is battling stage IV pancreatic cancer, an outpouring of support erupted including many national and political leaders
The former president is apparently making good use of his Netflix subscription as several of his picks are streaming on the service
The bill, which credits more whites than Blacks in its observance, has met with frustration among African American state legislators
Rev. Al Sharpton and a group of Black and Jewish leaders are coming together to address the rash of anti-Semitic violence recently in the New York area
The estate of late King of Pop Michael Jackson and the Walt Disney Company have reached a settlement in a copyright lawsuit over an ABC TV special. Howard Weitzman, the main lawyer for the Jackson estate, confirmed the settlement over...
Researchers will use cadaver dogs to search MacDill AFB in Tampa, Fla., to seek out the location of an African American cemetery believed to be buried under the base
MGM Studios has released a 40-second teaser for the anticipated Aretha Franklin biopic 'Respect' but only enough to entice audiences who want to see the Queen of Soul's story depicted on the big screen
A grand jury has decided that there is enough evidence to try former Fort Worth, Tex., police officer Aaron Dean in the slaying of the 28-year-old student
The rapper called out rap industry executives over contracting practices that leave young artists fleeced and without legal recourse
Software programmers still have more steps to go in order to develop facial recognition applications that do not discriminate against people of color, a study has found
The Queen Bey is expanding her brand to a line of "gender neutral" shoes in collaboration with athletic sportswear maker Adidas
Officials in South Africa are investigating multiple deaths of boys who were engaged in a circumcision ritual that is held in secrecy but has long been dangerous for its participants
Marquis Davis' family has been waiting for more than a year for news that he's been cleared for a needed transplant and they got the call in time for Christmas
A Wisconsin teen is facing life in prison after admitting to killing an accused child sex trafficker who she says abused her and sold her out to other men.
The former tour manager for disgraced singer and accused pedophile R. Kelly now admits he suggested getting a fake ID for late singer Aaliyah.
Eddie Murphy's anticipated return to 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend and said he wouldn't mind playing some of his signature characters.