Tiffany Haddish presents Jada Pinkett Smith with top honor at MTV Movie & TV Awards

Haddish shared some sweet words about her friend before presenting her with the Trailblazer Award

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MTV)


The MTV Movie & TV Awards aired Monday night, and Jada Pinkett Smith took home the night’s biggest honor when she won the Trailblazer Award.

The host of Red Table Talk was dressed in a silver suit when she took the stage to accept the award from her Girl’s Trip costar, Tiffany Haddish. 

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“Starring in some of my favorite TV shows and movies isn’t what makes her a trailblazer. Neither is the fact that she’s dedicated her life and much of her own dollars and time to help those less fortunate than herself with the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Foundation,” Haddish said during her week introduction.

“She’s the one everyone who knows her goes to…That’s why I always ask her if I can have some money and it’s the fact that she’s never stopped pushing boundaries. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘No,’ which is also why I ask for money,” she joked. “She’s not making a talk show. She makes a show with real talk.”

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Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys also shared some loving words about their friend in a pre-recorded clip before Jada took the stage with her son, Jaden Smith, by her side.

“I had to think, ‘Jada, why don’t you think you deserve this award?’ And it was because I was comparing myself to all the many trailblazers that I admire and I realized, ‘Okay, maybe we do have something in common.’ Often we applaud the trails people blaze in the external world that we can see, but very rarely do we applaud the trails that are blazed in the hidden rooms of the mind that are full of uncertainty, false beliefs and pain,” she said during her acceptance speech. “It’s these internal obstacles that must be challenged in order to muster the courage to forge new paths that we can see in the world…Every last person in this room must do that in some capacity. That means that every single person in this room is trailblazing whether it’s within or without,” she continued.

Pinkett Smith took time to shout out everyone in the room before she concluded her speech.

“I want to say, ‘Here’s to us for all of our trailblazing,'” she said. “Keep it up and thank you.”