Interracial couple fights back against racists who told them, “Go back to Africa”


A white woman is fighting back against racists who posted a nasty note and picture on the door of her Scottsdale, Arizona, home she shares with her husband, a Black man, and two foster kids who are also African-American.

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Lisa Sproat held a meeting blasting the bigots who posted the note ordering her family to go back to Africa and leave their posh high-end housing development.

“Go back to Africa, Ne—es.”

“Who says that in 2019?” Sproat said during an early morning rally at a local community center.

“We are all people of this country,” she said. “We all matter.”

Sproat, an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic, said she called the police after her nanny found the upsetting note The Arizona Republic reports.

Sprout and her husband are living with two foster children they plan to adopt soon, she said.

“I suspect that this is spurred by having more African-American people in our community,” Sproat told the outlet. “The community we live in talks about how tolerant we are … but in this gated community, we have hate crimes.”

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“Racism isn’t gone, and it is active and it is not latent, and we need to talk about it,” she said, according to USA Today.

Sprout has created an Instagram account to advocate for peace and to fight back against racism and bigots.

“I will not be silent, and nobody should be silent when this type of discrimination and racism occurs, no matter what your race is,” Sproat said. “My take on all of this is that the person that did this wanted to do something hateful, and what they have done is actually inspired many people move forward to create change.”