Cardi B
(Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

Cardi B has been facing her share of legal woes lately and it looks like she has one more problem to add to her list.

According to TMZ, a blogger named Latasha K aka Tasha K, is accusing the rapper of assault after being sued by Cardi B earlier this year for claiming the superstar was a drug-using prostitute with an STD.  Tasha K countersued Cardi B for slander, but has recently amended her complaint to include assault.

Rapper Cardi B sues bloggers over claims of drugs, prostitution, herpes

She claims she was put on mandatory bedrest during the first trimester of a high-risk pregnancy when Cardi B threatened her on social media and encouraged gang members to “handle” her. The blogger insists the threats screw her enough for her to call the FBI and she says they advised to move if she was fearful. She did, and now she’s suing Cardi B for moving expenses as part of her $3 million lawsuit.

A rep for Cardi B shot down the allegations.

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