White woman tells Puerto Rican woman Trump needs to deport her in racist video ‘Go back to your own country’

[griojw id=”L0rxVQMC” playerid=””]A belligerent Trump supporter was caught on camera going off on in a verbal racist attack against customers in a Pennsylvania grocery store.

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Johanny Santana said she witnessed a white woman spewing hateful rhetoric because a customer started speaking Spanish to a cashier and she got angry about it.

The woman cursed out the boy and his grandfather because they spoke a different language and things seemed to escalate when another lady jumps in and starts cursing them out too.

That’s when Santana whipped out her cell phone and started recording the confrontation, NBC Philadelphia reports.

“The boy comes back and asks another question [to the cashier] and that’s when the woman, who was next to me, started cursing,” Santana recalled.

The woman, she said then blasted her and told her, “You shouldn’t be in this country. I hope Trump deports you.” However, Santana is a US citizen from Puerto Rico with the same rights and privileges as the lady who is confronting her.

In a clip Santana shared on Facebook June 30, the woman made the assumption that Santana was paying for her purchases with “drug money.”

“Adios b*tch,” the woman shaking money and saying, “I’m paying cash with legal money, not drug money.”

Santana says when she asked the woman if there was a problem with her speaking Spanish, she responded: “Can you stop talking to me?”

The woman also cursed at Santana in Spanish called her a b*tch by saying, “You’re a p*ta.”

The white woman she says kept referring to her as the derogatory term even when she asked her to stop.

“You’re a p*ta,” she said the lady repeated.

The white woman also continued her racist rant saying, “I was born here, you don’t belong here” and “go back to your own country.”

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“I don’t care” Santana says to the woman who retorts, “We’re not you’re f*cking piggy bank.”

That’s when the white woman spewed racist tropes much like Trump.

“You don’t belong here, you came here illegally. You should be deported,” and “I hope Trump deports you.”

Santana said the woman continued with her racist insults so she said she too shot back with insults of her own.