Mom surprises track star daughter at finish line in viral video. (DailyMail)
Mom surprises track star daughter at finish line in viral video. (DailyMail)

A 13-year-old track star in Sacramento, California got an over-the-top surprise from her mother as she raced towards the finish line of a 4X100 meter relay race.

Jada McGee finished her anchor leg of the race and ran right into the arms of her mother, U.S. Army Capt. Erika Woodson, who she hadn’t seen since January, the Daily Mail reported.

The emotional reunion between the pair took place May 14, but was captured on video and shared widely in recent days on social media.

Jada runs for Edward Harris Junior Middle School in Sacramento. Her mother has been undertaking a three-year assignment a long way from home in Anchorage, Alaska. But Woodson was determined to see her daughter compete and flew in the morning of the relay.

“I couldn’t even sit in the chair that was there for me,” she told the Daily Mail. “I needed to be able to jump up and run to the finish line at her lane.”

The video shows Woodson with arms outstretched as Jada runs directly to her.

A friend of Jada’s shot the video.

The teen told the Daily Mail that she noticed her mother about 50 yards out from the stretch.

“It was so exciting,” she said.

And apparently Woodson’s appearance helped the runner with her speed. She said she purposely wore her uniform so her daughter would know it was her from far out.

“From the moment that she knew it was me, she really turned up the heat,” Woodson said. “That moment that she ran into my arms was indescribable.”