Rap mogul Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit of boxer Daniel Franco, claiming all his legal matters must be handled under New Jersey Law and could face arbitration.

Franco is aiming for the sports wing of the MC’s, which had been his promoter to pay for damages to his skull and brain he received after a fight. The suit states the injuries are a result of “reckless and grossly negligent acts.”

Franco details he was battling the flu and tried to back out of his match with Christopher Marin on March 23, 2017, because “he wasn’t able to properly train and prepare.” Franco states Roc Nation pressed him to fight due to the difficult nature it is to secure battles. He went on to lose by technical knockout.

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“Plaintiff cannot unilaterally decide to apply California law when he and Roc Nation Boxing expressly agreed to have the Promoter Agreement governed by New Jersey law,” the Roc Nation Sports motion states according to the New York Daily News.

The motion is supported by boxing promoter Dino Duva, who states Franco signed to the Roc in 2015 under Ray Chaparro who is described as an “experienced manager” and assisted with the “proposed terms, added terms, and deleted terms” in negotiation.

Additionally, Franco details Roc Nation Sports executed “an extreme departure” from traditional boxing practice and did not get “appropriate medical clearance” prior to another match on June 10, 2017, against Jose Haro. He also fought on May 12, 2017.

“As a result of traumatic brain injury, Franco still suffers from devastating neurological and cognitive deficits, including difficulty with speech, motor function, ambulation and balance problems,” court documents read.

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Franco allegedly wears a helmet at all times because he is missing a piece of his skull and is taking medication for seizures.

The hearing for the motion will occur on September 20.