Reginae Carter quits YFN Lucci after he attends Love & Hip-Hop” star Alexis Skyy’s ‘Cucumber Party’

Reginae Carter breaks up with YFN Lucci after questionable behavior at a "Cucumber Party."

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Reginae Carter has had enough of keeping her man YFN Lucci on a short leash.

That daughter of rapper Lil Wayne said she’s young and she’s learned that it’s time to move on. This is after she caught Lucci at a risqué party that involved “Love & Hip-Hop” star, Alexis Skyy, he was using a cucumber on a young woman’s lady parts as a crowd gathered and watched.

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Skyy hosted the pool party in Atlanta with her boyfriend Trouble.

Videos of the cucumber-themed party circulated on the internet quickly and a fight even reportedly broke out after things got wild at the pool party, Yahoo reports.

Rapper, Boosie BadAzz posted NSFW clips and proclaimed his six million followers, “”FRONT ROW SEATS TO THE BEST FIGHT EVER @trouble U the truth best party ever I WAS A JUDGE AT THIS THUG LIFE EVENT.”

The explicit videos hit a nerve in the worst way for many people, including Carter who took to social media to air her disgust and come to terms that her on-again, off-again relationship with the rapper has met its end.

The 20-year-old said she went to the party to “spy” on Lucci and when she saw what was happening, she bounced.

“When I heard about the cucumber activities, I left. Tbh, I’ve made myself look like a fool for this man and I apologize for allowing you guys to see it .”

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She admitted, “I’m young and still learning. Unfortunately, every move I make is publicized. I can’t control it . Imma try to be more private for now on . It’s hard because I’ve always been so open and honest . But I gotta learn how to deal with my problems alone and in private.”

Carter slammed the thirst trap party saying: “if you have a daughter, that shit is not cool. If you got kids your kids going to school and trust me they are talking about it.”

“I grew up in this life, everything came back to me … it’s not cute,” sahe said about her life as a rapper’s daughter.

Carter said the #CucumberChallenge was “childish, dirty and pathetic.”