Byron Allen—founder and CEO of Entertainment Studios, one of the largest privately-held media companies in the world— has a $20 billion dollar lawsuit against Comcast and Charter Communications for racial discrimination.

Allen won his case twice in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals—leading Comcast to go to the U.S. Supreme Court hoping to get the case thrown out.

Now, the Donald Trump’s Department of Justice has jumped in to try to sway the highest court in the land. They filed a brief that calls for Allen, or any plaintiff, relying on the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to show that racial discrimination was the only reason that influenced a company not to do business with Black owners, in order to be held accountable. Allen says it puts at risk all Americans’ civil rights for their own financial gain.

For Byron Allen, this case is bigger than winning the lawsuit, it’s about economic inclusion for all African-Americans and providing job opportunities for the Black community.

Critics of Comcast’s efforts to dismantle civil rights for all African-Americans are questioning the silence of Black community leaders— some of whom get financial or other support from the cable giant. Many have even started to call Congress and Comcast, telling them not to attack these historic civil rights protections.

So, Grio fam, tell us what you think about the case and why true Black ownership of media companies matters.

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