Last year, Tamron Hall surprised many of her fans when she revealed that she married a White man. The television host shared an image of her husband, Steve Greener, and her son, Moses, which sparked debate across the Internet.

Hall is in the first week of her new venture, The Tamron Hall Show, however, her relationship is still a hot topic.

“I never imagined my husband would be white,” Hall said. “I grew up in Texas in a predominately black neighborhood. I’ve dated almost exclusively men of color, black men. He just so happened to be the person I fell in love with.”

Tamron Hall’s faith in herself pays off with new show, life

Hall spoke with The YBF and shared while she did fall in love with a White man, her relationship is not a slight to the men of her own culture.

“In no way did marrying my husband mean that Black men had failed me. I was raised by an unapologetic Black man who served in this country’s army for 30 years. That’s who I am. That’s the fiber of who I am,” Hall said.

The realities of an interracial relationship did worry Hall, who expressed fear for her husband’s safety and shared how topics like her marriage will be involved in the show.

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“It’s labels that we’re trying to break down on the show and that we can bring in conversations that are really happening,” she added.

Hall’s new show debuted on this past Monday, September 9, to favorable viewership numbers, posting a 1.4 household rating according to Deadline. In the first episode, she spoke on her departure from NBC’s Today Show. “I go into work one day. I left fired. ‘Demoted’ I guess is what they called it. I called it fired,” Hall said to her audience.

Hall was replaced by Megyn Kelly, eventually leading to her decision to leave NBC News, which she details at the time she was “falling apart.”