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A backup dancer filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown for eye injuries she sustained in 2017 during preparation for a music video shoot.

The dancer, Danielle Griffin, released an image of her injuries, showing her eyes swollen nearly shut, red in the surrounding areas and with discharge.TMZ obtained an image of the injury that can be found here.

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Griffin was hired as a backup dancer in September of 2017 to perform in one of Brown’s music videos that was being filmed in downtown Los Angeles. While on the video set, a wardrobe and makeup artists applied fake liquid blood to her head, which she was under the belief was safe, according to TMZ. Griffin didn’t have on eye protection when the liquid was applied and was the reason for the damage to her eyes.

The suit cited a makeup artist named Angel who “carelessly and negligently poured fake liquid blood on (her) head without eye protection after assuring her that the substance was safe.” Griffin is seeking $25,000 in the suit for “loss of wages including past and present.”

Griffin is being represented by Arshia Mardasi, who states his client had to go to three different hospitals within a 24-hour time frame in order to receive treatment for her eyes. After the hospital visits, Griffin was hindered for months by the injuries, which resulted in having to withdraw from her Master’s Degree program and miss opportunities for work.

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Griffin was to be a part of the video for the single “High End” from the Heartbreak on a Full Moon album. The song and video featured Young Thug and Future.

Last month, a criminal case against Brown was dropped, which he allegedly punched a photographer in Florida. The State’s Attorney Office told TMZ “After a thorough review of the facts and information from the alleged victim, our office determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.”