Tony Rock is the latest to chime in on Jay-Z partnering his Roc Nation company with the NFL, stating that he believes Hov does not care if Colin Kaepernick ever suits up again for the NFL.

The hashtag, #WhataboutKaep, is making the rounds on social media as injuries begin to plague prominent quarterbacks and teams with the league only entering its third week of the season.

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One of the talking points surrounding Jay and the NFL uniting was if he could serve as a bridge for Kaepernick, Rock sees all hope for that effort is lost.

“Jay-Z making his money. He doesn’t care about Kaepernick playing no more,” Rock told TMZ. “He did a deal that’s about himself, it ain’t about Kaepernick.”

In a departing message to the camera, Rock made sure he said: “Go Steelers.” The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the teams that are in need of quarterback support after the season-ending injury to Ben Roethlisberger and questions surrounding if rookie Mason Rudolph is ready to lead the team.

Rock’s criticism about Jay-Z’s partnership echoes the sentiment of many across the Internet. In the days following the announcement, the Internet appeared divided on how the move will affect both Kaep’s career and issues of social justice as a whole.

On the NFL’s opening day, Roc Nation announced a $400,000 donation to two Chicago organizations that were stated to empower youth. After the reveal, one of the organizations, Crushers Club, received criticism after its founder, Sally Hazelgrove, a White woman was seen cutting the dreadlocks of Black youth on the road to a “better life.”

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Also, a part of the opening celebration in Chicago, was a concert headlined by Meek Mill and featuring Meghan Trainor and Rapsody, along with a clothing line titled Inspire Change, which donated proceeds to social justice causes.

Since those opening weekend events, further details of Jay-Z and Rocnation’s involvement have not been revealed.