Antonio Brown seeks $40 million from NFL in grievance claim

Grievances against the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots were filed on his behalf by the NFL Players Association.

Grievances against the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots were filed on behalf of Antonio Brown by the NFL Players Association.

Antonio Brown may not be tied to an NFL team at the moment, but he still wants his money.

Brown wanted to be released from the Oakland Raiders, and his wish was granted. He was then picked up by the New England Patriots, which also released him, after accusations of sex assault were filed against him.

Patriots release Antonio Brown after another accusation

Now, Brown is looking to gain close to $40 million from the teams in unpaid salaries, fines, and voided guarantees, according to NFL Network Insider. The NFL Player’s Association has filed grievances against both teams on Brown’s behalf, the sports outlet writes.

Leading up to his dismissal from the Raiders, Brown faced disciplinary issues, including a blowout with the team’s general manager that led to about $215,000 in fines.

“He seeking a week of salary from when he requested to be released from Oakland — $860,294. He’s looking for payment of the guarantees for 2019 and 2020 — $29 million — plus his signing bonus of $1 million, which was divided into two workout bonuses,” according to the NFL Network.

The money from the Patriots Brown is requesting includes a $9 million signing bonus, $64,062 from his Week 1 salary, and the remaining $1.025 million of his guaranteed money, the outlet writes. He also signed a breach of contract grievance against the Patriots.

Antonio Brown blasts Patriots, says he’s done with the NFL in Twitter rant

The NFL report notes that recouping the total sum may be an uphill battle. The grievances aren’t Brown’s only legal battles. He also faces a civil lawsuit coming from claims of sexual assault. He was released by the Patriots in September after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct.

In the first incident, he was accused of rape in a lawsuit by a former trainer. In the second, an artist alleged that he exposed himself when she was hired to paint a mural at his home. Brown denies the accusations.