Milwaukee woman charged after savagely stabbing victim

The aggressor was tired of the other being 'around' and treating her like 'garbage'

A Milwaukee woman named Bianca Moody was in apparently in a mood, and faces charges for stabbing a woman because she was “tired of being disrespected and being treated like garbage."

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A Milwaukee woman named Bianca Moody was apparently in a mood, and faces charges for stabbing a woman because she was “tired of being disrespected and being treated like garbage.”

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The 26-year-old racked up a first-degree charge of recklessly endangering safety for viciously stabbing a victim on October 14 who irked her. The victim was found outside a home near the driveway, holding a towel against her neck to stop the bleeding from a gash.

The victim reported that Moody stabbed her with a kitchen knife and she was transported to a local hospital where she was treated for a 5 cm wide puncture wound to her top right shoulder, CBS58 reports.

Blood filled the woman’s chest cavity, making it even more life-threatening.

According to the criminal complaint, Moody’s motive was cited as being “fed up” and tired of the woman talking to her life she was “garbage.” What’s even more strange is that the two lived together and share kids fathered by the same man.

The victim had moved into the home recently.

The victim said she didn’t even see the assault coming as Moody attacked her in front of her children.

“I just sat there. I was terrified,” the mother said. “I just knew I was about to die,” Fox6Now reports. “My kids were screaming and screaming for her to stop.”

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“When I turned around to look at her, she tilted her head and smiled,” the victim said.

“She brought the biggest one — a butcher knife,” the woman said. “She just ran to me from the back and started to stab me.”

The wound, the victim said, was pretty serious.

“I was told, two more inches in, I would have died right here in front of my children,” the mother said.

“When I asked her, ‘Why did you do this? Why would you stab me?’ She said, ‘Because I’m sick of you being around,'” the victim said.

It sounds like a case of some serious baby mama drama.

Moody is due back in court on November 5.