Over 1,000 people got saved during Kanye West’s latest Sunday Service

Pastor believes the impactful altar call during the service was true 'worship' and legitimizes Kanye's ministry

Kanye West (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella)

Pastor Kanye West is bringing the sheep to Jesus.

According to Fox Newson Friday, Nov. 1 over 1,000 people gave their lives to Christ during an altar call at the rapper’s “Sunday Service” program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  You read that right. Yeezy produced a gospel session last week that not only looked and felt like an old-school revival but also brought people closer to glory.

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Curvine Brewington, a pastor at Crossroads Church in Lafayette, attended the free service. From the field, provided by Bethany Church, the church leader took to Instagram to extol the power and the presence of the Lord.

“Tonight, worship was lifted, the name of Christ was exalted, the Word of God was preached, a multitude prayed together, the Gospel was clearly proclaimed, and an opportunity to respond was given,” Brewington wrote on IG. “In a crowd of 6,000 people from all walks of life, all ages, and all races, I witnessed over 1,000 people respond to The Gospel by raising their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior! Say what you want & think what you want … But trust me when I tell you – The Spirit of the Living God was indeed present. I danced, wept, stood in awe of God’s redemptive work & can honestly say that tonight I witnessed a new wave of REVIVAL first hand.” Brewington ended the post with the hashtag #Jesusisking, which is the title of Kanye’s newest album, which he released on Oct. 25.


West, and roughly 80 members of his Sunday Service choir, opened with the song “Closed On Sunday” from West’s new album, which landed at number 1 on Billboard’s 200 Chart becoming West’s ninth consecutive album to do so, Hypebeast reported.

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The “Jesus Walks” rapper also performed “Every Hour,” “Selah,” “Follow God,” and “Jesus Is Lord” during the latest performance.

Since January, when West started Sunday Service, the group has traveled across the country to stage gospel performances that are typically held on Sunday but also have occurred on Friday. The choir, along with guest artists, performs an array of gospel songs to throngs of supporters.