‘Jesus Is King’ marks ninth consecutive No.1 album debut for Kanye West

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA)

Kanye West just scored his ninth consecutive No.1 album.

The superstar who dropped Jesus Is King last week topped Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart this week, marking his ninth consecutive album to debut at No. 1. He’s now tied with Eminem for the artist with the most consecutive No. 1’s on the Billboard 200 charts.

All 11 tracks from the highly-anticipated gospel album made the Billboard Hot 100 list as well, proving that despite his antics, he’s still a hitmaker.

It’s here, for real this time: Kanye West drops long-awaited ‘Jesus is King’ album

While the album was delayed multiple times before being released on October 25, it has received positive reviews from longtime fans as well as gospel veterans. Last week, theGrio caught up with Anthony Brown to hear his thoughts on the project.

“I’ve heard it. I think that Kanye is a genius when it comes to production and stylistically he creates a really awesome sound. I have a few songs that are favorites for me on there. I think it speaks to a person who has just been introduced to the concept of God and it sounds like someone who is meeting Him for the first time. I feel like people who are at that place will understand it and it will speak to them. It’s for the person who is just getting into it. What he did was wise. He chose sounds and beats and lyrics that won’t scare them off, but welcome them in. “Closed On Sunday”, “Water”, and “Hands On” are a few that I think are really dope,” said Brown. 

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“My hope and my prayer with what I see for Kanye and what he’s doing with Sunday Service is impact. Kanye has a huge following of people and if he can impact people in a way that leads them closer to Christ then in my opinion, it’s a good thing. Hopefully those of us who do this on a daily basis will be ready to receive those who have been introduced to the message by Kanye. We will have open arms and  ready to receive them and go deeper. I don’t feel in competition with Kanye at all. I think it’s important he’s making an impact and if he’s doing that, then let’s go.”