S.C. man sips McDonald’s sweet tea, but it had an ingredient most people smoke

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A man who went to McDonald’s for a sweet tea says he got a little something extra that had an effect on him that tea normally wouldn’t have — unless it had weed in it.

According to South Carolina newspaper The Island Packet, Parrish Brown, 24, says when he went to a McDonald’s on Hilton Head Island and asked for a sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon, the employees at the establishment noticeably paused and then reiterated the drink order to make sure they’d heard him correct.

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Brown now believes “extra lemon” may have been code for marijuana, given he later found three bags of it steeping in his cup after he drank the beverage and found himself feeling “high as a kite.”

‘I have never had weed a day in my life, so immediately after I started drinking it, I started to feel weird and it didn’t taste like something I recognized,’ Brown explained to the publication.

Brown says the amount of cannabis he consumed made him paranoid, noting, “I was high and panicking and at work, so I called my dad. I didn’t want to get in trouble for this.”

Once he alerted the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office of the incident, the responding officer only had to take a single whiff of the substance to confirm what was in it.

“And they were like ‘Oh yes, that’s marijuana,’ ” Brown recalled.

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He checked the rest of his meal, which included a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and a double cheeseburger, and it was completely normal. What’s peculiar is when he checked his receipt he also confirmed that he had paid the regular menu price for the items, which means the three bags of weed were a gift rather than a purchase.

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Bob Bromage says an investigation is ongoing and a spokesperson for McDonald’s said the company is “fully cooperating with law enforcement on the validity of this claim.”