FIRST LOOK: RuPaul is Ruby Red in Netflix’s ‘AJ and the Queen’


RuPaul is taking their talent to Netflix.

The streamer just dropped the first teaser of its upcoming comedy series AJ and the Queen, and in it, we see the superstar transform into Ruby Red.

The scripted comedy series RuPaul created with Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City), is set to premiere on January 10 and we can’t wait.

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The icon will portray Robert Lee, better known as the drag queen Ruby Red. He has the dream of opening his own drag club and after years of performing in clubs all across the country and saving every dime, he he finally gets his chance. That is, until he realizes he’s been swindled by a charismatic grifter (Josh Segarra) and his eye-patch wearing partner-in-crime, Lady Danger (Tia Carrere). With his heart broken and money stolen, Robert has no choice but to pick up the pieces and start over, and a cross country Ruby Red roadshow provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.

But when AJ (Izzy G.), a scrappy, streetwise 10-year-old escaping a difficult home life, crosses paths with Robert, he becomes a de facto parent. An unlikely pair must find a way to get along, navigate through tough times and learn from one another. Of course, while going through their drama, we get treated to a lot of fabulousness including a performance from RuPaul in every episode.

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Check out the teaser below: