Toronto police arrest man who threw buckets of poop on people

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Toronto police have finally caught a man they believe threw buckets of liquefied feces at unsuspecting people.

You read that right.

Police have arrested Samuel Opoku, 23, of Toronto and charged him with five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interefere with property, according to a news release from Toronto Police.

Opoku was expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

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Police say the first incident occurred on Nov. 22 at the University of Toronto’s John P. Robarts Research Library. It was here that Opuku allegedly poured “liquefied fecal matter” on a man and a woman out of a bucket.

A witness told Toronto local news website CityNews that a “concentrated feces-like smell” permeated the room.

Opoku is said to have repeated the same act later in the day as he allegedly dumped more liquid fecal matter on another woman and man at York University’s Scott Library. In this incident, security cameras caught Opoku carrying a bucket into the library and smiling.

And then this Monday night, Opoku is charged with throwing more liquid feces on a woman outside of the University of Toronto’s St. George campus.

Toronto police spokesman, Victor Kwong, told Vice that the victims were “disgusted.” He said police are using forensics teams to analyze the matter to determine if it’s feces.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory said students and the entire city are relieved that the suspect is off the streets.

“Great work by @TorontoPolice arresting an individual in the “feces attacks” investigation,” Tory tweeted. “He can’t face justice or be given help until apprehended and it seems our police have that in hand. I hope this arrest will help calm concern on campuses and across the city.”