Soul singer, Chico DeBarge, a member of the hot R&B family DeBarge, was arrested in California on drug possession charges.

The singer was arrested for drug possession in Burbank, CA. He was seen attempting to break into his own SUV with a wire in a Walmart parking lot when police arrived, TMZ reported.

It was reported that he left his keys inside his SUV, causing him to want to break-in. Since the police were unaware of the vehicle belonged to Chico, they searched him and allegedly found methamphetamine in his pockets, the amount is still unknown.

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The police also said, when searching his vehicle, they found drug paraphernalia as well, resulting in his arrest.

Although the formal charges against DeBarge are still pending from the Burbank City Police, the singer was booked and released from jail, according to TMZ.

But this isn’t the singer’s first hiccup with the law, back in 2007 he was arrested in California for drug possession resulting in him going to rehab, Daily News reported.

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Four years prior, he was stabbed by Philadelphia mobster John Casasanto after fighting with one of Casasanto’s affiliates in a nightclub.

Chico is most known for his 80’s hit “Talk to Me” that gained the 21st spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song and his first album debuted when the singer was only 20-years-old.

Chico however is not the only DeBarge family member that has been in trouble with the law for use of drugs. His brother Bobby DeBarge was sentenced to five years in jail in 1988 for drug trafficking, according to the Michigan Chronicle.

The lead singer of DeBarge, El DeBarge also had a problem with drugs. In 2001, he was arrested for cocaine possession and was put on probation, he then received probation again in 2006 for the same charge. But in 2008, he was arrested for possession of crack and sentenced to two years in state prison.

We wish the best for the DeBarge family and Chico with substance abuse.