Noname said she is through entertaining white people

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 29: Noname performs onstage at the Pavilion during the 2017 Panorama Music Festival – Day 2 at Randall’s Island on July 29, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Panorama)

Noname does not want to entertain white people anymore.

The Chicago rapper tweeted a message to her fans explaining that she makes music for her people yet when mostly white people show up at her shows, it makes her feel a certain way, according to XXL Magazine.

Last Thursday, she uploaded a photo of a woman dressed as a clown under the caption: “Me consistently creating content that is primarily consumed by a white audience who would rather shit on me than challenge their liberalism because somehow liking Lizzos music absolves them of racist tendencies.”

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She didn’t stop there. A day later, she posted a tweet, which has since been deleted, that showed a photo of Morgan Freeman donning clown makeup, and stated: “My black fans in my mentions talkin bout ‘what your mean primarily white? We support the f–k outta u’ clearly proving they never been to a show. Y’all really pushing the idea that black people can’t come to my shows because of black death and financial restraint??? As if Dababy, Megan and Smino shows ain’t black as hell? Say you don’t like my shit and move around lol,” reported XXL Magazine.

When one fan wrote that Black people might not be the type to go to shows but that they still support her music, Noname appeared to understand the rationale.

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“That’s real,” she responded. “Unfortunately, I’m not going to keep performing for predominately white crowds. I have two shows on the books then after that I’m chilling on making music,” Noname said, according to XXL Mag. “If y’all don’t wanna leave the crib I feel it. I don’t want to dance on a stage for white people.”

On Saturday morning, she also weighed in on the love that she was receiving from both Black and white fans.

“White fragility doing backflips but to all the POC folks and white folks sending me love I see yall Ttyl,” she posted in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Whats funny is most black artist are just as uncomfortable performing for majority white crowds but would never publicly say that out of fear and allegiance to (money). Which isnt a bad thing necessarily cause n—-s gotta eat but yall wouldnt be up and arms if I quit workn @ McDonalds,” Noname said, according to XXL. “When I go to work, thousands of white people scream the word n—a at me. and no I’m not changing my art so it is what it is. catch me @nonamebooks,” she ended her message.

Noname released her first mixtape Telephone in 2016 and her debut album, Room 25, last year. It was anticipated that she would release Factory Baby in 2020, but now that’s up in the air.