anitra gunn
Anitra Gunn

The body of missing Fort Valley State University student Anitra Gunn has been recovered.

Gunn’s body was found in Crawford County, Georgia near the Peach-Crawford county line, according to Special Agent JT Ricketson with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

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DeMarcus Little, Gunn’s boyfriend and considered a suspect by law enforcement officials in her death, has been arrested by police and charged with criminal damage to property for an incident that occurred last week, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Police are still questioning Little, 23, about Gunn’s death although he hasn’t been officially charged in her death.

“I think it’s pretty common sense who our person of interest is,” Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese said during a news conference Tuesday after Gunn’s body was discovered, the AJC reported. “It’s the boyfriend. We’ve talked to him three times.”

On Feb. 14, Gunn last spoke to her father and he wished her a happy Valentine’s Day.

But hours later when her friends tried to reach out to her via texts and phone calls, Gunn didn’t respond. Police did a welfare check at her apartment and nothing seemed out of place, WMAZ 13 reported.

“She never texted them back, didn’t call them back. That’s when we knew something is definitely out of whack,” Christopher Gunn, Anitra Gunn’s dad, told WMAZ 13.

Police found Anitra’s car in a neighbor’s yard on Belle Street with a missing bumper. It would prove to be a crucial clue helping police discover her body. Pieces from bushes and sticks were found in the grill of the car, helping investigators narrow down an area to search.

Police discovered Gunn’s body around 3:20 p.m. yesterday. It was partially covered under a pile of sticks. Right next to her body was the car’s detached bumper.

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Police said a week prior to Gunn’s death, her boyfriend damaged her apartment and car.

“These offenses occurred on 02052020 (Feb. 5) inside the city limits of Fort Valley and Anitra Gunn was the victim,” police said in a news release after Little’s arrest, according to the AJC. “In this incident, the windows were smashed at her apartment and tires were slashed on her vehicle.”

Gunn was a senior agriculture major at Fort Valley State University.